Prepare for your Transition with an Exit Plan Strategy

Build Your Exit Plan Strategy with Strategic Transition Partners

At Strategic Transition Partners, we are a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that represents the financial interest of privately held companies throughout the US and Canada. Our primary focus is to determine our clients’ future objectives and maximize the results through an effective exit strategy.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, “planning your exit is a big undertaking that has implications on employees, your business structure, its assets, and your tax obligation.” The decision to transition can result from a desire for retirement, an offer from a qualified buyer, health considerations or the inability to meet personal objectives. Regardless of the motivation, as an owner, it is critical to plan your exit strategy in advance to ensure success.

Most business owners are unaware of the startling statistics related to business transitions. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has stated that more than 80% of the sales of privately held companies fail. Business owners often deny that such a thing could happen to them, however the truth is, it occurs all too often due to a lack of preparation.

Do You Have an Exit Plan Strategy?

Unfortunately, less than 10% of business owners have a formal, written exit plan. Disability, retirement or even death can all mandate the need to have an exit plan strategy in place. It is impossible to know what life changing events lie ahead, however, being prepared can have tremendous impact on our ability to manage them successfully. Creating an exit plan now, to be prepared for the unexpected, is the path to success. Our services are designed to support you in meeting your objectives that will result in a successful transition.

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Build Your Exit Plan Strategy with Strategic Transition Partners

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